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Pilgrim Leadership Team

Kimberly Springer, Principal
Kim Springer

Kimberly Springer’s philosophy about education is deeply rooted in the belief that all scholars are capable of learning and deserve access to rigorous academic content. She holds firm to the idea that the relationship between a teacher and scholars is a cornerstone built on mutual understanding, respect, and trust. To effectively meet the needs of our scholars, it's essential to first understand their unique backgrounds and perspectives. Without these foundational relationships, the journey of teaching becomes a challenging one.

Currently, she is part of the exceptional LUMIN Schools, Pilgrim Lutheran team, where they embrace the model of Christ by exemplifying love as described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. This mindset empowers our dedicated staff to continually seek ways to enhance the educational experience for our students.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of her work is witnessing the tangible impact it has on our scholars. The journey from where they start to how they grow and develop under our guidance is both rewarding and a ministry in itself. Kim finds great joy in helping scholars grasp complex concepts, and there's nothing quite like the moment when the proverbial light bulb switches on, signifying that the connection has been made.

As we nurture the scholars at LUMIN, her greatest hope is that they not only achieve academic success but also become catalysts for positive change in our society. She envisions them as informed, principled individuals who shape their communities and the world around them, both during their time at school and beyond.

Mrs. Springer's favorite Bible verse, Romans 8:28, encapsulates her faith, reminding her that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

In her free time, she cherishes moments spent traveling and bonding with her husband and our three children. The demands of her work make these moments of relaxation, wrapped in a cozy blanket, all the more precious.

One of her proudest achievements is earning her master's degree while pregnant, a testament to dedication and determination.

For questions, please contact Kimberly Springer at [email protected].

Javon Alexander, Assistant Principal
Javon Alexander

Javon Alexander, Assistant Principal at Pilgrim Lutheran School, has been a part of the LUMIN family since 2022. She has been working in the Education field for 24 years. 

Javon grew up in Lake Village, AR. From a very young age, Javon dreamed she would grow up to become a neurologist. Before becoming an Assistant Principal at LUMIN, she worked at Hope Christian Schools.  She studied African and African Diaspora Studies at UW-Milwaukee and has achieved a Doctoral degree. Certifications that she is currently working towards are an administrative and school business administrative dual licensure. 

Javon is married and has 5 children. She likes to volunteer her time at Our Next Generation. Javon is the biggest Bucks fan in the world, and she describes learning as her hobby. On Saturday mornings you can find Javon sleeping in!

One of the things that drew Javon to LUMIN is that her love for teaching and learning can coincide with her faith and can be practiced daily. Javon has a love for everyone and sees the value that each person brings to the table; can reach some of the hardest to reach scholars because she never gives up and shows respect and appreciation to all. For Javon, what she loves most about her job is being able to connect with students and parents; as well as the fact that the staff at Pilgrim are always in it to win it and they encourage and inspire each other every day!

Her favorite scripture verse is Psalm 13:5-6 “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord for he has been good to me.”

For questions, please contact Javon Alexander at [email protected].

Santasha Alston, School Operation Manager
PLS Operation Manageer

Santasha Alston, a passionate educator with a lifelong commitment to nurturing young minds. From the time she was a child, her dream was to become an educator, and she has been fortunate enough to turn that dream into a fulfilling reality.

Alongside her  professional journey, she is blessed with a loving spouse and two beautiful children who bring joy and purpose to her life. Giving back to the community has always been a calling for her, and she finds fulfillment in volunteering at various organizations.

The word of God holds a special place in her heart, and while she has many favorites, it's challenging to pinpoint just one. Each verse resonates with different aspects of her life, guiding and inspiring her on this incredible journey.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Milwaukee, WI, she developed a love for exploration and shopping. Traveling allows her to broaden her horizons and appreciate the diversity our world has to offer.

She is currently pursuing a double major in leadership at college, which fits with her commitment to lifelong learning and development. In August 2023, she joined LUMIN Schools, Pilgrim Lutheran as the Operations Manager. With five years of experience in a similar role, she is no stranger to the intricacies of managing a school.

What drew her to Pilgrim Lutheran was the harmonious relationship between the staff and families. She appreciates the collaborative spirit that fosters a positive and nurturing environment for both scholars and their families.

As she embarks on this new chapter at Pilgrim Lutheran, she is excited about the opportunities to contribute to the growth and success of the school, building on the foundation of excellence that defines Pilgrim Lutheran's educational journey.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Alston at [email protected] 

Cheryl Porter, Administrative Assistant
Cheryl Porter

Cheryl Porter, Administrative Assistant at Pilgrim Lutheran School, has been a part of the LUMIN family since 2021. She has been working in the Education field for over 30 years. 

Cheryl grew up in Wisconsin. If you ask Cheryl what she wanted to be when she grew up, she will tell you that she is still deciding. Before becoming an Administrative Assistant at LUMIN, she worked at a Pediatric Doctor’s office.  She graduated from high school and went on to take some college courses at MATC. 

Cheryl is married and has 2 children along with 3 granddogs named Ralph, Lola and Reggie. On Saturday mornings you can find Cheryl reading a book in her recliner.

For questions, please contact Cheryl Porter at [email protected].